Student Surgical Technologist

Job Summary

Allied health professionals who are an integral part of the team of medical practitioners providing surgical care to patients in a variety of settings. The student surgical technologist works under the supervision of the registered nurse and medical staff to facilitate the safe and effective conduct of invasive and minimally invasive surgical procedures. This individual works to ensure that the operating room environment is safe, that equipment functions properly and that the operative procedure is conducted under conditions that maximize patient safety. A student surgical technologist possesses expertise in the theory and application of sterile and aseptic technique and combines the knowledge of human anatomy, surgical procedures, and implementation tools and technologies to facilitate a physician's performance of invasive therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.

Minimum Qualifications

Minimum Education: High School Diploma or Equivalent
Minimum Years of Experience: None.
Substitutable Education & Experience: None.
Required Certifications/Licensure: CPR certification
Required Training: Currently enrolled in accredited Surgical Tech or Operation Room Technician course;
Display dexterity in the use of surgical instruments;
Displays knowledge of decontamination, packaging and sterilization of instrumentation.

Essential Functions

  • Will perform assigned patient care tasks under the direction and supervision of a designated Registered Nurse.
  • Demonstrates ability to provide comfort and safety measures in accordance with unit standards:  Orients patient to environment; Recognizes need for safety measures and takes appropriate action to prevent injury; Provides interventions consistent with patient condition, medical and nursing plans of   care that are within their scope of practice and clinical skill level.
  • Works with the Surgical Team and anesthesia personnel, assists in positioning the patient on the operating table, prepares and/or assists in the preparation of the operative site, drapes, or assists in draping the patient, at the request of the surgeon.
  • During an operation performs as a member of the surgical team by anticipating the needs of the surgeon to expedite the procedure by passing instruments, sponges and suture.  At appropriate clinical skill level, under the direction of the surgeon performs such duties as holding retractors, suctioning, applying dressings, etc.
  • Acts as a surgeon's first or second assistant in the absence of the surgeon's first assistant within their realm of practice (except suturing, cutting tissue, or closing wound) under the direction and supervision of the surgeon and designated surgical team.
  • Participates in counts with the circulating nurse to assure that all counts are correct.
  • Observes for break in technique and takes corrective action.
  • Upon completion of the surgery, assists in moving the patient off the operating table onto the stretcher and transporting to the recovery room.  Assists in clearing the operating room for the next procedure including disposal of contaminated linen and waste, cleaning instruments when necessary and disinfecting equipment.
  • Assists designated surgical team with implementation of emergency protocol in the event of a disaster in the operating room, emergency procedure and surgical set-ups necessary to manage an emergency.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of policies and procedures effecting practice.
  • Maintains confidentiality of patients, personnel and system information.
  • Maintains and respects patients' privacy.
  • Respects patients' "Bill of Rights".
  • Attends hospital or outside educational programs and shares with co-workers.
  • Maintains a courteous and professional manner in dealing with patients, visitors, medical staff and fellow employees.
  • Demonstrates receptiveness to change and maintains a positive attitude through the change process.
  • Presents professional appearance in dress and grooming.
  • Attends and participates in 75% of staff meetings. Demonstrates initiative in getting information regarding content of missed meetings, i.e. reading minutes.
  • Assists Surgical Team in performing and documenting equipment, drug and environmental checks as required by administrative policies and regulatory agencies.
  • Follows appropriate Infection Control policies and procedures.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Assists with maintaining cleanliness of work environment.
  • Displays a willingness to learn the use and maintenance of assigned equipment.
  • Recognizes and reports malfunctioning of unsafe equipment to appropriate persons.
  • Assists Surgical Team with the disposition of used equipment.
  • Assists Surgical Team with the replacement of med/surg supplies.
  • Uses proper procedure for securing supplies from other areas.
  • Assists Surgical Team with needed supplies for scheduled procedures.
  • Prepares operating room with the assistance of other personnel in accordance with procedures for disinfection of furniture and equipment; selects and secures appropriate instruments, equipment and supplies according to a particular surgical procedure.
  • Exercises proper sterile technique, opens and arranges sterile field in accordance with accepted protocol for each surgical procedure to be performed, both routine and special procedures.
  • Utilizes appropriate sterilization methods for special equipment and instruments, necessary for specific surgical procedures under the guidance of the Surgical Team.
  • Daily and periodically, assists the Surgical Team with the checking, restocking and inventorying of supplies; checks, rotates and reprocesses dated items and reorders supplies as assigned.
  • Demonstrates initiative in learning the composition of all surgical trays and specialty items used in procedures in Operating Room.
  • Assists with the inventories and ordering of supplies needed for the processing of instruments.
  • Assists Surgical Team in assuring that all items used are replaced in inventory, charged for and reported to circulator of case.
  • Reports pertinent patient information to Associate Care Manager/Registered Nurse involved in patient care.
  • Maintains open communication with surgery team.
  • Reports changes in patient's condition to designated Associate Care Manager/Registered Nurse.
  • Reports observations relevant to patient needs to Associate Care Manager/Registered Nurse.
  • Answers telephone in a courteous manner and relays messages.
  • Communicates effectively with Sterile Processing with identified instrument, equipment needs.
  • Performs all other duties as assigned.

Nearest Major Market: Columbia
Nearest Secondary Market: South Carolina