Laboratory Manager

Job Summary

Reporting to the Director of Laboratory and the Administrative Laboratory Director, the laboratory manager is responsible for the continuous, reliable, day-to-day operation of the laboratory services. Responsibility includes supervision of section supervisors to insure maintenance of proper instrument function; adequate inventory supply; adequate training and expertise of the laboratory staff; and development. The laboratory manager will insure proper performance of proficiency survey testing, quality control programs, to include the documentation of all performance results and follow-up corrective actions and of instrument maintenance and troubleshooting records. The laboratory manager will be involved with preparation of budgeting and development of field and market studies for selection of equipment and testing procedures. As a member of the laboratory management team, the laboratory manager will work closely with the laboratory director, the associate pathologists the administrative laboratory director, and all technical section supervisors regarding relevant to technical and operational matters of test performance. The laboratory manager will back up the Administrative Laboratory Director in serving as liaison with other hospital departments both in trouble-shooting and policy forming capacity.

Minimum Qualifications

Minimum Education: Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, Chemistry, or Medical Technology with
Minimum Years of Experience: 5 Years of supervisory experience required in line management within an acute care hospital laboratory or equivalent experience at LMC
Substitutable Education & Experience: None
Required Certifications/Licensure: None
Required Training: Experience, concentration, and/or specialization in a specific area of medical technology

Essential Functions

  • Active participation with the laboratory management team in developing and implementing goals and objectives of the laboratory, coordinating these with goals and objectives of the hospital. Demonstrates competence to provide developmentally appropriate care/treatment for the following patient population: Infant (Birth to 1 year), Child (1 year through 12 years), Adolescent (13 years through 17 years), Adult (18 years to 65 years) and Geriatric (over 65 years).
  • Works closely with the technical section and shift supervisors to insure smooth operations of the laboratory.
    • Supervision of the performance of laboratory section supervisors in consultation with the pathologist directors and Administrative Laboratory Director.
    • Coordinates with section and shift supervisors to insure complete and continuous staff coverage for all shifts of laboratory sections.
    • Coordinates with the section supervisors to insure that the quality control programs are properly structured, up to date and properly documented, including the maintenance of proficiency testing records and related follow-up actions. 
    • Establishes and maintains an inventory control system to insure constant and adequate stock of laboratory supplies to provide continuous and uninterrupted testing services. Approves and monitors emergency orders for coordination of inventory control system.
    • Collaborates with the LIS Manager to insure the Laboratory Information System (LIS) functions as needed to support laboratory operations.
    • Monitors procedure performance acceptability and quality assurance program for evaluation of new laboratory systems and procedures; works with section supervisors to  establish a reasonable and realistic implementation timeline.
    • Works with the section supervisors to insure appropriate records of service contracts, preventive maintenance, and downtime maintenance procedures are maintained on all laboratory instruments. Provides for prompt servicing of instrumentation that is “down” and provision of laboratory testing services during periods of down time.
    • Prepares regular operations reports for each section for the medical laboratory director and administrative laboratory director reflecting the quality, volume, efficiency and development of technical operations.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Works closely with Administrative Laboratory Director in establishing and monitoring budgets for the laboratory departments.
    • Works with the laboratory management team in the development of annual personnel, expense, and capital equipment budgets.
    • Responsible for the on-going compliance with the approved budgetary guidelines relevant to technical systems, equipment and supplies.
    • Monitors on-going compliance with budgetary guidelines involving all functions of the laboratory.
    • In coordination with the Administrative Laboratory Director exercises authority to request all approved, budgeted capital equipment and supplies, insuring their proper incorporation into appropriate laboratory usage.
  • Works closely with the Administrative Laboratory Director with recruitment and retention of laboratory personnel.
    • Assists as necessary with interviewing candidates for vacant positions.
    • Assists with disciplinary measures as necessary when a hospital or policy has been violated.
    • Investigates circumstances of and develops response to personnel grievances  relevant to operations of the laboratory.
  • Responds to and investigates medical staff complaints regarding laboratory testing services and consults with the director of laboratories, associate pathologists, and laboratory section supervisors for proper solutions to complaints and operational problems.
  • Backs up the Administrative Laboratory Director in on-going coordination of laboratory technical activities and operations with other hospital departments and designated affiliated laboratory services, serving as liaison on appropriate hospital committees as directed.
  • Shares responsibility with the Administrative Laboratory Director and technical section supervisors in the coordination and communication regarding testing services performed by the three laboratory shifts involving all laboratory sections.
  • Supervises and coordinates formation and updating of the laboratory collection manual relevant to laboratory testing services; insures timely dissemination of the manual and in-service education of all users relative to proper use of the laboratory collection manual.
  • Shares 24 hour call system with the Administrative Laboratory Director and section supervisors as appropriate.
  • Provides cross- coverage for the Administrative Laboratory Director during periods of annual leave or sick leave.
  • Performs projects relative to improvement of all laboratory services assigned by the pathologist directors or the Administrative Laboratory Director.
  • Development and management of technical features of laboratory continuing education programs and in-service education programs.
  • Insures compliance with accreditation standards of CLIA, COLA, Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals, OSHA. DHEC and/or American Association of Blood Banks, and doing so in close cooperation with the laboratory section supervisors and the laboratory management team.
  • Ensure Hazardous Waste or Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals are discarded, stored, and managed with other compatible waste streams in containers that are properly labeled and closed prior to being shipped offsite for proper disposal.  Initial RCRA training is received within 6 months of the hire date and continuing with annual RCRA training.
  • Performs all other duties as assigned.

Nearest Major Market: Columbia
Nearest Secondary Market: South Carolina